Cluedo - Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

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Cluedo - Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Board Game

The sweet recipe has been ruined! But who did it? Take a tour around Willy Wonka’s bizarre Chocolate Factory to unravel the secrets hidden within and discover the truth of who is behind this heinous crime against tastebuds, with Cluedo: Charlie and the chocolate factory by Winning Moves!
Classic Cluedo game play with Wonka twist! Featuring six suspects and bespoke sweet tokens, including: Mint Jujube, Square Sweet That Looks Round, Wonka'sFudgemallowDelight, Toffee Apple, Fizzy Lifting Drink and Marshmallow pillow.


Custom Gameboard
6 x Suspect Tokens with 6 Sculpted Plastic Bases
6 x Metal Sweet TOkens
6 x Sweet Cards
6 x Suspect Cards
9 x Location Cards
6 x Personality Cards
Custom Detective Notebook Sheets
2 x Dice
Players: 2-6

Playing Time: 1 hour

Ages: 8+ 


Title: Cluedo - Charlie And The Chocolate Factory



Type: Board Game: Cluedo





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