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If your cats love relaxing and sleeping up high, this wall-mounted cat shelf is the best gift for them. It gives cats a comfort zone to stay off the floor and observe the world. The cat perch is awesome for that it creates chances for kitties to exercise more by climbing, jumping and playing. You'd better prepare an extra wall shelf to give them enough exercise and fun. Made of quality wood material, it is strong, reliable and durable to withstand up to 23kg of cats. This climber is mounted on the wall without taking up floor space, making it a space-saving option for apartment dwellers or families with compact rooms.


  • This cat climbing shelf is made of MDF with a soft grooming brush, which easily attracts your cat to play.
  • With small toys included, your cats can have enough exercise to stay active and healthy.
  • It's recommended to prepare more than just one cat shelf and install them on walls of different heights to encourage your cat to engage in physical activity. The cat furniture is beneficial to cats jumping ability.
  • The wall mount cat shelf can be installed within 15 minutes with instructions included.





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Brown Box + Colour Sticker


Wood + Plush


Wall-mounted plywood cat furniture

Feather dangling toy

Soft grooming brush

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