Triangle Cat Scratching Board Corrugated Cardboard Cat Toy Pad Lounge

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If you are looking for a toy for your cat, don't miss this corrugated cat scratching board. Made of eco-friendly and safe corrugated cardboard, the scratcher is toxic-free and durable enough to withstand long-term biting and scratching. With a triangle shape, the cat scratcher is playable at any angle, and can stand stably. It is perfect for all sizes of cats. As cats have an instinct to scratch to maintain the health of their claws, this scratch toy is an ideal item for them. Better still, it helps to draw your cat's attention from damaging your precious furniture. Lightweight, portable and space-saving, the cat scratching board is a must-have for all your furry friends.


  • Durable Eco-Friendly Material: Made of 100% recyclable and high-quality cardboard with non-toxic glue and no harmful wooden materials, the scratch board is durable enough to withstand cat's biting and scratching for a long time.
  • Stable Triangle Design: the triangle cat scratch board can be placed at any angle, and stand stably for your cat to scratch.
  • Cat's favourite: The scratch board perfectly fits your cat's natural scratching instincts, and the unique structure of corrugated surface makes it more comfortable to scratch. Let your cat scratch for a while every day is beneficial to their claws.
  • Protect Furniture: With this corrugated cardboard scratch board attracting your cat's attention, your furniture can be free from scratches.
  • Stylish Design: This cat scratch board is perfect for all sizes of cats. It is lightweight, portable and space-saving.




Corrugated paper cat scratch board + 5mm MDF side plates

Product Size (L x W x H)

52.5cm x 25cm x 46cm 

Size of Each Panel

43cm x 25cm x 3.5cm

Package Size

40.5cm x 24cm x 11.5cm

Net Weight


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